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When I'm not coding or creating you can find me with my wife, daughter and canine companion exploring the natural beauty the Carolinas have to offer or just lounging in my backyard with grill smoke in the air and a craft beer in my hand. I work hard so I can enjoy quality time with my family. My wife is a lovely and talented photographer from whom I often draw inspiration. My daughter, at the age of 3, is a budding artist and aspiring gymnast. The ladies have me outnumbered but I can't complain.

I have spent many years of my career as a technical project manager and strategist while moonlighting as a designer and developer. Working independently as a web designer and developer gave me the freedom to take ownership of the projects I worked on, the responsibilities I took on for myself and the quality of work I output. I learned a lot while juggling many hats but over the last few years I made it a point to gradually shift to a focus in UI/UX and front-end engineering. I couldn't be happier with my choice and I'm ready create success. Reach out to me via any of the methods offered above and let's create something cool together.