Blushing Fox Website

My wife, as mentioned in my “About” section is an awesome photographer and cool chick. So when she needed an updated brand and website for her business I had to flex some muscle. I built her site using a lot of custom coding and Isotope.js for the dynamic grid layout and filtering on the homepage. I had some fun with the site navigation overlay and fixed navigation buttons on case-study detail pages. The site is, of course, responsive and, from a UX standpoint, gets straight to the goods by showing work first. I also incorporated Maplace.js for her google map and a custom configuration of a google drive form for her contact form. The great thing about google drive forms is that they auto-notify your email address when someone submits and store the submissions in a nifty little spreadsheet. The technique I used to include and customize the form is a simple one that I haven’t personally seen anywhere else.