The idea for Tipi came to me through a necessity. I noticed that the process of initiating a project with a client was often laborious and time consuming. It is important to make sure you ask the right questions and define scope, timelines and implementations correctly when writing proposals, contracts and briefs. To make a misstep in this phase of a project could cost you and the client time and money and greatly effects the final outcome of the project. The trouble with project initiation is that often you as the service provider are not compensated for your time to research and plan. If the project does not come to fruition you’ve wasted a lot of valuable resources. So, in order to streamline this process and to have a hub for all of your prospect clients and jobs I created Tipi. Tipi stands for The Interactive Project Initiator and it is just that. When a new project inquiry hits your desk the first thing to do is open up Tipi with your client or send them a link to fill out a new project questionnaire. The questionnaire defines things like contact information, scope, technologies to be used, who is providing assets, timelines, deliverables and cost. A saved questionnaire creates a project planner of sorts. The planner can be shared with a client via a unique URL and can be edited in real time across multiple platforms and timezones with 2-way data binding as provided by Ember.js and firebase. Once a project planner is ready it can be published as three separate documents using data model injection into Handlebars templates. Published documents can be printed or shared from the app or sent back to editing for further review. The app is currently in beta and I have big ideas for the next phase and eventually a public release. Give it a try and let me know what you think.